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Import Export Fourrures

High-End Skins, Furs and Naturalized Animals

Import Export Fourrures stems from a long-lasting passion for wildlife and respect of nature.

The company has two mandates:

  • Bridge the gap between the hunter who wants to keep a lasting memory of his catch and the best taxidermy, naturalization, tanning and animal antler carving artists;
  • Offer everyone access to quality art works: naturalized animals, hides and tanned furs, plain or carved antlers, animal skulls, etc. on hand, or by special order.

Using top innovations and techniques in the field of taxidermy for the use of animal antlers, skins and skulls, Import Export Fourrures finished products will satisfy all our customers.

Schedule an appointment to visit us at the boutique.

We will surely find what you need, within the limits of existing animal hunting laws.

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